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  I was about 18 years old when the fever took me. I have been a gun nut ever since. It started out with combat shooting. Most of my friends used newer double action revolvers in 357 or 44 magnum. I was always on the lookout for low cost guns like military Remington Rand 1911 cheap guns and pistols left over from the Korean war. I would do some truing and sanding and the 45 ACP 1911 would shoot like a dream.

Remington Shotguns Springfield Savage Glock Dealer Ruger Smith Wesson Bushmaster

I got into shotguns for a while too. I really liked the Browing, Winchester, and Escort brands. For deer hunting I owned two different rifles. A Savage 10 or 11 short action in 308 Winchester and a Remington 700 in 30-06. The Savage 11 in 308 was a tack driver! Later on I purchased model 700 in 7mm mag and 270 Winchester. Plus Bushmaster 5.56-mm Del-Ton FN Grand Power Taurus Bersa Mossberg shotguns Kahr Springfield Marlin and more. Buy bulk 9mm ammo and bulk 223 ammo. Riot defense Shotguns 12 gauge

Glock Springfield SIG HK Ruger AR15 M4 Remington 700 Savage 111

Popular Handgun Models: Glock 19 17 G17 9mm 20 22 Glock 26 34 36 42 43 Ruger SD9 SR9 9E American. Sig P320 P250 226 229 2022 HK VP9 VP40 USP CZ 75b P01 SP01 holsters SP07 SP09 S&W M&P SD-9 Shield Kahr CW9 9mm CM9 CW40 CT9 Kahr CT40 CW45 45 ACP 380 FN FNX FNS Walther P99 PPQ 9mm PPX CCP 22lr CCW PPK 380 Springfield XD Mod-2 Tactical XDS XDm 40 caliber Beretta 92-FS PX4 Storm low cost pistols Taurus 24/7 PT-111 PT-738 concealed carry Bersa Thunder BP9 BP40 Ruger GP100 SP101 38 special revolvers Blackhawk 357 Charter Arms and 45 Colt Peacemaker clones 30-06 deer hunting or elk rifle.

Popular Rifle Models: Remington 700 300 Winchester Magnum AR15 M4 Model 7 7mm-08 770 Savage 111 30-06 11 243 10 308 30-06 110 Axis 223 Marlin XL7 243 Weatherby Vanguard 260 Howa 1500 low cost rifles 308 Mossberg 100 ATR 22-250 Ruger American 270 defense Shotguns 12 gauge Thompson Center Venture 30-06 Ruger 10/22 Mini-14 DPMS AR-15 Armalite M4 223 Windham 5.56 Aero Precision Mossberg MMR Tactical AR15 M4 Bushmaster Ruger AR-556 Core 15 ATI AK47 7.62x39 Stag Arms Model 3 AR15 M4 and Olympic Arms AR15. Mossberg 500 590 low cost shotguns Remington 870 Mossberg 12ga.

22-lr 7mm Mag 308 223 9mm 40 s-w 380 30-06 38 AR15 M4 45 ACP 357 Magnum 44

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